[REQUEST] Default Plug-In Presets

Default plug-in presets would be welcome workflow enhancement for us engineer’s that are looking for ways to save mouse-clicks where ever possible :slight_smile:


Do you mean default plug in preset as in a set of master section plugins to be loaded with pre-defined settings?

You can actually already do that: Load the master section with the plugins at settings you want for the default … save as ‘Default’ or (what ever you want to call it) and it’s a one click reload.

Or do you mean a default setting for specific plugins when they are inserted? In which case most quality plugins allow for user defined ‘default settings’.

This is already on the todo list, but I will raise it a bit…

Yes, this is sorely needed. Some plugins allow you to define a preset starting point, but not all. Plugin Alliance is a big one or me that doesn’t have this feature built in natively…so it would be great for WaveLab to have a solution built in like many many other DAWs already do.

Default setting for a specific plug. Luckily, as you mentioned, a lot of manufacturers allow you to set this up within the plug-in itself, but for those that don’t we’d be covered here.

Ah, good to hear. Thanks!

Plugin Alliance load their presets by deaufault to the VST3 folder in Users/Documents/VST3Presets (in Windows) so I usually copy them to the place “seen” in Wavelab - ProgramData/VST3Presets/Plugin Alliance.

It’s annoying but works.