Request: Double barline before repeat


I’d like to request to be able to put a double bar line at the end of a system when the next system starts with a repeat. Reason being that I use double bar lines to designate sections quite often…

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You can do that already. Engraving options / Barlines / Repeats / Barline at end of system coinciding with start repeat.

Fantastic!!! Thx Rob!

I’m so glad for this thread. I was hoping for a tick box in the properties panel; I didn’t think to look here (I’m tired I guess). Thanks!

Is this feature only available as a project-wide option? I would like the barline at the end of a section to be double, but I have another barline before a repeat that lands at the end of a system that I would like to remain single.

Yes, for the time being this is only available as an engraving option, but it has been requested before that we should also make this available on a per-repeat barline basis, and that is under consideration for future versions.

Thanks, Daniel.

see also this discussion:

I’m assuming there still isn’t any flexibility with this? There’s not an Engraving Option override or something I’m missing, right? I need a double barline in both score and parts at letter X here, but it’s optimal to have the score laid out so the rehearsal letter is in the middle of a system. There’s really no way to have the parts and score match here, is there?


Sample part:

Nope. The option is specifically for a system (or frame) break situation.

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Ugh thanks, that’s what I feared. Oh well. Read on pg 226 explicitly states that “although the repeat bars in the example above coincide with barlines, they must not be thought of as synonymous with barlines.” It’s an odd design choice that Dorico insists on relating these unrelated items. Sure they often coincide, but a double barline, repeat barline, and system break all really have nothing to do with each other musically. It’s not at all difficult to imagine scenarios where one would need independence of these elements.