Request: dynamics popover

It would be nice to be able to cmd-click a number of different notes, shift-D, then enter a single dynamic for all of them.
Even clicking on the ‘pp’ with the mouse only inputs to the top stave.
Unless I’m missing a trick…

You are right, this feature is still missing.

But what you can do: Select your first dynamic and +click (on Windows, don’t know the Mac combination right now) in other staves to copy the dynamic to this stave. The will also become linked if they are rhythmically on the same position.
Not the 100%-all-I-want-solution, but quite fast.

Dear Estigy,

Alt-click works also on Mac

Thanks Estigy and Marc. I’d tried a lot of variations of alt-closing and clicking but for some reason… not that.
This is at least a lot quicker.

Or another quick method is to head on over to Preferences, General, scroll down to Editing and select “Allow multiple items to be created with the mouse” and “Load Cursor” [you only need to do this once](see attachment). Then select the desired dynamic first and click on the notes one at a time. It’s pretty fast. Not quite what you want, but probably the same workload as your desired way would mean having to select all the notes by cmd-click separately, then click on the dynamic (or as desired invoke the popover and type the dynamic, which, alas, you can’t do currently). The method I am talking about is basically the same with a reversed order, and there are no modifier keys involved, nor use of a popover.

Also useful! Thanks.