[request] EQ possibility for dspMixFx Master out

EQ for dspMixFx Master Out channel would be useful when using the card just for listening audio.

I get what you mean.
I have 1 inputchannel selected only for audio-listening(YT, MP3’s, CDs etc.), and on that channel I some EQ processing.
I would not prefer it on the Master though, just to make no mistakes when listening to other sources(DAW f.e.) and forget to bypass it.

How do you route stereo audio from computer/UR-C to inputs 3-4 for instance? Patching audio cord form master out to 3-4 inputs?

Yes something like that, I have a UR16C so enough outputs and inputs. But I also have a mixer, so I route output 3 and 4 into my mixer into wo channels, instead of going back in into the URC, but you could do that indeed. Bit be careful and avoid feedback.
As far as I could see Windows10 in WDM mode only lets you choose the Line output of the URC which is master out 1+2.
And on the URC itself you cannot route that back into the unit.
For what that is worth I think it lacks of some more gooed features as far as routing concerns. For my use it is a bad thing those 4 stereo mix options instead of more “DAW direct outputs” , the same as in the ADAT.

Bump. I still miss a simple EQ in “DSPmixFX UR-C” app. It is not necessary when you record into DAW, but for instance when I’m are listening speech, I’d often need more clarity to audio. That modest betterment would make UR interfaces better also in general use.

I agree, the “DSPmixFX” would be so much more useful especially on iPad if you could add some EQ to the DAW-output (not only Master-channel)

f.e.: I am using my mobile setup = iPad + UR-C44 for jamming with my bass to Apple Music songs (adding a “low cut” EQ is mandatory in this case!)
Since the EQ integration on the Apple Music app for iPad is total crap and unusable I have to use either some 3rd party software like Anytune+ (which doesn’t work with the apple music subscription model) or the “DSPmixFX” (which can’t integrate an EQ). Either way is a PITA.

This works perfectly on my main interface UAD Apollo X6, since is has a great console mixer app on osx, but it doesn’t fit in my gigbag.

Yes, of course I meant the “DAW” playBack channel. You use it also when listening anything other than your DAW. That is VERY often.

I have an old e-mu sound card which I must retire due to compatibility issues with modern systems if not anything else. Its application shows wave and asio outputs as individual strips, allowing inserting any of the available DSP effects into those, as well to the master output of the card. So I use eq at output to adjust the frequency response of my speakers - which I imagined that users of all modern interfaces would consider necessary more often than not - as well as compressor to reduce dynamics when I listen in very low volumes. I’m searching for a new interface and gravitating towards Steinberg UR22C and I am baffled by the seeming lack of ability to use effects at master out. If there is any interface available that offers that on a similar budget, I’d be grateful to be informed about it. If there is none, I too wish steinberg would implement this.

Looks like Steinberg has absolute no need for updates on this hardware series, only sales…(request-bump)