Request : Export all the pages

Good afternoon,

It should be easy to have a shortcut : Export all the pages.
Thank you by forehand.

It’s been discussed here:

These are the available options in Dorico 2. I’m assuming that at the very least, all of these exist in Dorico 3.

Thanks, Dan.
In Print mode > Graphics > its possible to PDF export all the pages but I don’t find a shortcut for that action.

Indeed, but when you export all the Layouts, you have more (titles, etc…) than all the pages.

What do you mean by “all the pages”? If I export a layout that is 10 pages long, I get a PDF that’s 10 pages long…

Here is an example of the first exported “Page”

Here an example of the first page of an exported “Layout”

Your first attachment appears to be entirely black. Is that intentional?

I can read the two attachments.

Correction: it’s just a transparent png so it’s appearing black on very dark grey.
Comparing your two exported pages, they look like they’re taken from two different layouts.

Excuse-me; I’m a beginner in Dorico.
Here is the Dorico file.
Quand nous partimes de (511 KB)
Thank you for your patience.

You have a Part Layout and a Score Layout. If I assign a keyboard shortcut for “Export All Layouts as PDF” and then use it, I get the following two PDFs, one for each layout. Is this not what you want?
Quand nous partimes de France - (35.7 KB)
Quand nous partimes de France - 2019-10-01 (1) (36.5 KB)

Yes, you’re right. Excuse me : I didn’t realize that two files where create.
I had prefer a shortcut to create the second only, but your solution is good enough for now.

Thank you for your help.

You can set a shortcut to export the current layout only.

Thank you very much ! Its precisely what I was looking for.
I think I need to study Dorico’s operating instructions more seriously.
I have difficulties to switch from the French Dorico interface to the English forum.

The French documentation is way behind the English documentation (though that’s apparently going to be fixed very soon). There’s also a French Facebook group for Dorico users. See Groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico | Facebook

Thanks for this infos.