Request for ATMOS capable Blu-Ray Burning Software

I’m looking for software to burn a 7.1.4 Blu-ray disc to test my ATMOS mixes on. Can you guys suggest any? I’ve been using DVD Architect with Vegas. But it’s gotten old (discontinued) an glitchy. I’ve heard that you can do DVDs on Wondershare. But is that ATMOS capable now (they’re at ver. 14)? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks

  1. Adobe Encore: This software has been used by many professionals for Blu-ray authoring and supports ATMOS audio.
  2. Sony DoStudio: This Blu-ray authoring software has been discontinued by Sony, but it is still available for purchase and supports ATMOS audio.
  3. Scenarist: This is a professional Blu-ray authoring software that supports ATMOS audio and is widely used in the industry.
  4. Pinnacle Studio: This video editing software supports the creation of Blu-ray discs with ATMOS audio.
  5. Nero Video: This video editing software also supports the creation of Blu-ray discs with ATMOS audio.

Thanks for the list!

Yes, very helpful.

Just to add another spin: Is the list of software the same, if only going for Pure-Audio BluRays (… no video)?

LG, Juergi