Request for explanation for installing the Figured font on Dorico

I’m sorry to disturb this Christmas day, but I need to finish a score shortly and I have to work today too.
Unfortunately, however, I have a problem that I cannot solve regarding the installation of the Figurato font.
I tried to follow the instructions that are reported by the site:

But perhaps due to the Google translator, the explanation is unclear.
I understand, however, that you have to replace the font used for the choruses with the Figured font.
However, I can’t configure it effectively because maybe I miss some steps.
I have attached the video.
I would like to pray if anyone has the courtesy and patience to make a video that can show me the various steps so that I can install Figurato and use it.

Thank you in advance

Il problema è che non scrive sul chorus (c) ma su la traduzzione (1*). In vece di fare direzzione giù, prova su (up arrow) nel lyrics popover.

Thanks for your answer.
From what I understand of the site, you have to replace the chorus font and use it for the basso continuo.

Absolutely. But when you invoke the lyrics caret, you have to press the up arrow to be in chorus mode. What I saw in your video is that you have pressed down arrow and are in translated lyrics mode. This is why you’re not using Figurato. Please invoke shift-L, press up arrow and input your figured bass.

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Thanks for your answer.
It worked.
Thank you so much.

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