Request for more layout name formatting

I’d like to request a different naming format for transposing layouts. Currently the staff label is “Clarinet in Bb,” which is what I want. But the layout name is “Clarinet (B flat),” which I don’t prefer. Also, I’d prefer “Horn in F” instead of “Horn (F).”

I’ve taken to manually changing all layout names, including adding the flat glyph, but I’m wondering if there are plans to allow more options for automatically populating layout names to mirror staff labels.


Replace the {@layoutname@} token with the {@staffLabelsFull@} token on your master pages. It’s why that token was introduced.

Or you can edit your layout name to “Trumpet in B{@flat@}.”

Corollary little feature request: when exporting a part, to replace the {@flat@} token with a letter “b” in the file name.

Oof, just noticed that for the first time today. Yes!

That’s already done in our internal builds, but it won’t be included in this week’s little update.

Awesome! There’s a little update this week? :open_mouth: