Request for more settings for the appearance of chord symbols

I find Doricos concept of one single track for chord symbols very interesting and usefull.
But the lack of more flexibility in the appearance settings can lead to some difficulty trying to achieve some common tasks.

Two suggestions:

  1. The possibilty to define the appearance of chord symbols not only per player but also per player separately for each layout.
  2. The possibility to define bar-ranges per player where chord symbols should appear (without having to hide chord symbols)

At the moment I encounter the following problem:
For the orchestra material of a Musical I need a “Solo Voice” part with chord symbols above the voice staff and a “Voice & Piano” part with chord symbols only above the piano staff.

Following the rules of Dorico for chord symbols appearance I set “Show For All Instruments” + “Show in Parts Only” for the Player of the “Solo Voice” .
But with this setting the chord symbols appear as well above the piano staff as also above the voice staff and I can’t find any other setting that would make them disappear from the voice staff because the setting is global for all layouts.

As a workaround I use a duplicated voice staff in the “Voice & Piano” layout.
This duplicated voice staff can then have it’s own chord symbols apearance setting, in this case “Hide For All Instruments”.
But I don’t like this workaround because any later editing in the voice must be done twice.

As another workaround I tried to hide the chord symbols in the voice staff of the “Voice & Piano” layout.
But I am not able to select all the symbols at once!
In Write Mode I am able to select any bar range with the Shift key but the chords are not selected, so I cannot use the filter to filter them.
The only way I can find is to select each symbol with the CTRL key or to use the Marquee Tool, which is quite tedious
Duplicating a staff is much faster.

BTW I would be gIad if someone could show a way to fast select all the chord symbols of a staff.
In this thread Daniel wrote something about this:
It seems as if it is not so easy.

I totally support your suggestion, but in this specific case I believe you already have a good solution. With the solo voice layout selected, go to Layout options -> Staves and systems, and at the very bottom you’ll find the chord symbol section.

Depending on how much you need to fiddle with the master pages, you could also change the layout type of Voice+piano to a custom score, and select ‘Show in parts only’ in the voice player.