Request for "Remember my print view setting"

When I go to print mode I always want to see the “Whole Page” of my piece in the preview window. However, once a new document has been opened, print mode always defaults to “Page Width” instead. Would it be too much trouble for Dorico to remember my last viewing choice?

I believe the setting is remembered within the session for each project, but it’s not persisted in the project itself. I’ll certainly think about adding a preference so that you can specify what the default setting should be.

I would very much appreciate this option!

I definitely prefer to view the whole page in print preview, not page width. By the time it gets to Print mode, I’m looking at big-picture formatting, not details. IMO, whole-page is better suited to print mode. Thanks!

I would also like to be able to view the whole page in print preview as a default, especially on big monitors.

Thank you Daniel. That is correct. Once you’ve selected “full page” in one piece, it stays like that for that session only, but it has to actually be selected every time, for every project. I don’t find much use for “page width”, it’s always the “full picture”.

Rather than persisting in the project itself, I would find “once selected in a project, persisting through all projects until changed” or as you suggest, a preference that can be set. Thank you indeed for considering this. David