Request for "Save" buttion

It would be nice to have “Save” and “Save as” buttons up in the left corner next to the “Undo” and “Redo” buttons.

Reason; I don’t use the auto-save feature because I like to choose when and how I save my work. The system works OK now because I click File/Save but there is space for these buttons and it would be consistent with other software I use.

Thanks for a great product,

The way I do it is a Save as F3, Save as F4 and Save Version F6 key commands. You can assign any key to a command. Once you get your key commands you can fly around Cubase. The cool thing about Cubase is you can make up any macros too and assign to key commands.

Just a thought.

Totally!. If I had a vote left I would vote for this. And the Save/Disk icon should indicate whether any changes have been made since the last save e.g. bright or greyed out. A lot of software has this.

Response to garymusic; Thanks for considering my suggestion; it is useful to ask why the present key commands aren’t sufficient. Although I do use key commands at times, the mouse is my preferred method because I like to have the qwerty keyboard tucked away under the desk when composing, recording and editing.

Regarding JBuck’s point about voting. I hope that the Cubase programmers can see the usefulness of this feature (from their experience with it on other programs) and would realize how easy it would be to port code from the “undo” button. I must say, though, it took Cubase many years to put the “undo” buttons in so I may have to wait a while for this as well.