Request for Unpitched percussion instruments

I’m in need of the following unpitched/pitched percussion instruments:

Slap Stick
Slide Whistle (I highly doubt this could be considered pitched… but I have been known to be wrong before)

Would it be possible to get these added to the next version of Dorico?


Just in case you’re not aware, you can already edit the instrument names of existing instruments to be whatever you like.

  1. Add some instruments to a player.

  1. Select the arrow to the right of each instrument, then click Edit Names… Then edit the names.

In the case of pitched percussion, your work is done.

In the case of unpitched percussion,
3. Do this.

4.Do whatever you like within the Edit Percussion Kit dialog. Ignore the fact that the instruments show in that dialog as Alfaia, Brake Drum and Flexatone (or whatever)

End result:

That’s a good work around, Leo. Thanks for the advice!

I’ll give it a shot later today.