Request: hiding things in different layouts

I know this could really become a Pandora’s box, but I’d like to request the ability to hide specific elements on a per-layout basis.

I know this has come up before with things like chord symbols and tempo marks; but specifically, the two categories I would really love are string bowings and piano fingerings.

Bowings in particular are a big one. They’re essential for my younger players (and my lead violinist writes them into Dorico directly). But when I make arrangements available to others, I don’t want to include bowings, since I know violinists prefer to put them in themselves.

I know I can make a duplicate player, but it would really be easier to make this a layout option, and create layouts for both bowed and non-bowed parts.

Thanks for the consideration.

You can already hide/show fingering on a per-layout basis, as there is a layout option for them - do you mean for individual items? Because I imagine for bowings, a global (layout) option would be more efficient for your requirements?

Fingerings: ugh, you’re right. Thanks, totally missed that.

Bowings: yes, precisely. A global option per-layout would be ideal.

It seems to me that you already can hide playing techniques on a per-layout basis - just hide them in the properties panel in the desired layout. It won’t carry over unless you propagate.

Anders… you’re right, though it is a little extra work to go through the score, de-selecting all the PT markings like “arco” and “pizz.”

Edit: ok, “Select More” does the trick. It’s still a little extra work, but much better than what I had before. Thanks.

In any case, we really need an Advanced Filter, by the way!

If by AF you mean ability to select/deselect multiple things, then yes; I couldn’t agree more.

Yes, I mean a way to only select or deselect things in a marquee selection, but with greater degree of granularity, as well as something that goes one layer deeper and inspects an object’s content and not only their class.

When I implemented Select More, I added a special behaviour for upbow/downbow markings so that selecting either of those and doing Select More would only select other upbow/downbow markings, for precisely this reason.

Yes, I remember that specific functionality. Much appreciated!