[Request] Image CD/DVD burning...

I know I could do it with Toast or Nero, but this could be helpful on Wavelab!

Sometimes I’ve to do a master do send it on ftp to a client, and it would take less time if it would be implemented… :wink:

Hi …

Could you not use the DDP function for this?

For some users this could be more complicated…

Make a CD image or just Burn directly?

To make a CD image (Cue/Wav)
Build your CD in the montage as always. Instead of burn, go to -->Master section–>Render–>Create CD Image and Cue Sheet. - - > ftp to your client to burn in Nero,Roxio, etc…

To open and burn a CD Image (cue/wav)
Open empty montage Workspace – >File Menu–>Import–> Audio CD Cue file – > Burn.

Really? It’s implement yet? :blush:

I found now. :wink:

Does it works good on Toast?

I tried it with Toast 10 but couldn’t get it work…

Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Toast. Even the newest version.
Toast uses Cue/Bin instead of Cue/Wav. Which I think is a renamed SoundDesiner2 file.
I can’t believe they still haven’t changed to Cue/Wav in this day and age like all the rest of the programs.

One important thing to do is make sure in the - Audio Montage Workspace–>Options—>Audio Montage Preferences–> CD Cue Sheets–> is set to “Write Audio File names without path”
Otherwise if you send it to a client, the path will be different and the Cue file will not find the audio, popping up an error message.
There’s a little program on mac called “Burn” which burns cue/wav images, but it’s not very reliable.
Maybe for a fast ref disk it’s ok, but I wouldn’t use it on a master. Testing on one occasion produced a loud click at the end of a CD, so I stopped using it.

PG, is there a chance to have another solution for image burning for Mac/Pc compatibility on W7?

Creating a new image format is not likely.
If Toast uses Cue/Bin, then that would be easy to do this in WaveLab, as an option. But I would need to check this.

The reason I referred initially to DDP as a possible alternative was precisely because of the cue/bin/wave incompatibility issue.

A couple of people I know use the DDP player available here: http://www.sonorissoftware.com/catalog/?gclid=CPHvtZHt2agCFQTSbgodik-7hA to address the issue.

It basically allows you to do what you want to do and look professional at the same time. Whether you do this often enough to justify the cost of the software products is something only you can judge.

All the best with this.

This would indeed be a handy tool.


Is this working with Nero?

I tried that, but without sucess… :open_mouth:
It gave the error:
‘Impossible to open the … wav file’