[Request] Import FX SENDS and GROUPS from a project

Just what the title says. It’s strange that you can import audio tracks but can’t import FX and Groups (with names and color labeling). You can have your typical mixing template with all the reverbs, delays, parallel mixing and everything and just import it in whatever project you need - maybe it’s an old project you what to redo or someone sends you a project. Much needed.

I think I just exported/imported a group track via Export/Selected Tracks and Import->Track Archive.

Folders don’t import as far as I know. I am not sure about FX tracks.

I’m on Cubase Pro 9.5

Dammit, you’re right! Even the colors are there. Thank you! Sadly they’re not in GROUP-FX folders though.


They could continue to improve track import from project to do what track archives do.


The track archive system is interesting in some workflows, but most of the time it is very restrictive. We should be able to import what we want from one session to another without having to go back to the old one to make a track archive. Or even worse, systematically make a track archive. We should be able to choose what we want to import or not too (Audio clips, inserts, what automations, I / O patch, etc.)

It will also require automatic track matching, being able to merge certain things from tracks of other sessions with that of the current session