REQUEST: Make "metronome in play" a separate menu item

It would be awesome if, whenever I wanted to toggle the metronome for play mode (not record), I didn’t have to go into Transport -> Metronome Setup, click the checkbox, then hit OK. If it were a separate menu item, I could assign a key to it and life would be grand. :slight_smile: I used to quickly enable/disable this frequently in Logic Pro. Often I’m checking my rhythm on a track I just laid down, one I wouldn’t want to quantize but I want to make sure it’s fairly tight. And just now I wanted to quickly turn it on so I could hit play and watch a video while listening to the clicks to see how much music playtime I had before a certain event in the video.

I don’t think it’s currently possible to do this any quicker (if there is a way, someone please correct me).

Why dont you just press the “c” button ?

I´m very pleased and happy with this button “C”, it does not got faster.
You should just have the courage to use shortcuts (and forgot Logic), it will change your life positive!

‘C’ turns the metronome completely on or off. I only want to control whether it plays during playback. In other words:

  • I always want the metronome to click while recording
  • I want a way to quickly toggle whether it clicks during playback (not recording)

Maybe I’m missing something here, but pressing the C button to turn on the metronome when your recording and then pressing the C button again to turn it off during playback requires the same amount of “work” as assigning a keyboard shortcut, no?

Sorry, it’s hard to explain what I’m trying to do. ‘C’ turns off metronome entirely, for both play & record. So that means every time I’d want to record (with metronome, and in most cases I do), I’d have to hit ‘C’ first to turn on the metronome, then ‘C’ again after recording to turn it off, otherwise it will click during playback too which I rarely want. If I could bind shortcut keys to “metronome while recording” and “metronome while playing,” I could just leave the metronome on all the time for recording, and just quickly (one keystroke) enable it for playback when I want to check my timing.

Does that make sense?

Yep, I’d like an ‘always play metronome in record’ option, or maybe ‘only play metronome in record’.

Right now it seems that I spend my recording sessions pressing the C button between play and record - I could avoid this if it only played the metronome when recording… Sometimes I mess it up and forget to turn it for a take, etc., bunch of hassle that one of these options could resolve.


Agreed. And I know this may seem silly to some, but seriously, when you’re under a tight deadline, every keystroke counts. Having to constantly hit ‘C’ to turn the whole metronome on/off is going to get old, quickly, I can tell. I could just hit * when I want to get a click, but then I run the risk of any errant MIDI control surfaces accidentally sending a signal, and that’s no fun either.

I had this really quick workflow in Logic Pro where I’d hit record, lay down a track, stop. And I could just play things normally without the metronome. When I wanted to check timing on a track, I just hit backtick (the key I assigned to “metronome in play mode”), “S” to solo that track, and hit play to check the timing, then stop and hit backtick again. Not that I’d go back to Logic… :wink: Logic has tons of organizational nightmares going on (track naming, track coloring, handling of multitimbral instruments, ugh). If I could pull a couple features from Logic, it’d be this metronome thing, and a MIDI input monitor RIGHT in the transport bar, not as a plug-in.

sorry, I hope I understand correctly.
you can activate “metronome only in record mode” by check off “Metronome in Record”:

Why don’t you just create a macro key command to do this? It’s a easy fix. 1 button can enable the click and record.


I’ll have to look into that. I’m relatively new to Cubase and haven’t gotten into macros yet.

I agree with the OP, features inherent in the design of the program are better than having to program the interface itself. :arrow_right:

No go on the macros. It’s not possible, apparently, to make a single keystroke turn on click, record, and then have the same key stop recording/playing and turn off click.

I think this should be built into the software. It’s just one of those things that makes life a little easier.

Or a tri-state button.

I achieved this with a separate midi controller. I setup a generic controller device and assigned a free button to the metronome in play only command. This way I leave the metronome always on and when I need the metronome on for play only I hit this button. The command isn’t available to assign as a key command (which would be the easiest way), but it’s available as a command control while setting up generic devices.

Aha, I think we might just be nailing this down… Yes, we need key commands for controlling those metronome switches by the sounds of it, then we could do what we need.