Request: Making folders to be 'closed' by default

Hi Guys. When trying to open an instrument, slecting audio or midi, the folders in cubasis are alway ‘opened’ by default. As an example, this means everytime I have to scroll through a long list of choices when wanting to assign an instrument to a track. This is most certainly the case when looking for Inter App Audio instruments. The list of instruments will show nanolgue and micrologue’s long list of presets, which I have to scroll through to access the IAA instruments. Even when I close those folders to minimise the list, they will default back to ‘opened’ when coming back to them at a later stage. Is this something that could be fixed by adding the option as part of the setup options? It would make the workflow a bit more efficient :slight_smile: Loving Cubasis, also loving how great a job everyone from Steinberg is doing, especially on those forums. Kindest regards :sunglasses:

It is planned to be added that folders remember their state after restart.

The open folder issue is really annoying, to a degree which makes Cubasis worthless for serious use to me. As soon as you fill your folders with material, this is plain and simple a complete no go.

Waiting for this update in vain has lasted many, many months meanhile. As much as I like Cubasis, this has completely spoilt the party for me, and I have not been using the program any longer since months, with rare execptions.

Really lame job from Steinberg not to offer a quickfix for this urgent and basic issue over such a long time!

Great to hear, this will definitely help with the workflow, many thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you, much appreciated! :smiley:

Is it possible to create my own folders for audio files, exported to cubasis? To much files, and it could be a great way to sort them.

Creating folders is on our list for future updates.