Request: minimum distance between extender and lyric

In the image below, the extender line runs too close to the lyric that comes after it (in my opinion). Of course I can edit it in Engrave mode.

There’s a setting in Engraving Options for minimum distance between lyric and extender that follows it. I’d like to request a similar setting for a minimum space after an extender line… or if such a value were not able to be changed, at least make it slightly larger.


Is this system over-full, by any chance?

No, but close: 97.7%.

File if it’s helpful: Dropbox - God the Uncreated One.dorico - Simplify your life

Spot in question is in the lead sheet layout, bar 64.

Dorico does take the bounds of the following lyric into account when it’s determining the end position of the lyric line, but I think what’s going on here is that the next lyric gets shifted slightly to try to remove rhythmic distortion, and the extender line"s length is calculated before the next lyric is then adjusted. Perhaps there might be something we can do about this in the future, but it’s unlikely to be something we change imminently.