Request: Mixed Files & Folders in Browser

I often run into problems, saving audio files with the same names as folders:

In my growing library of percussion sounds, I have a lot of “HIT-###” sounds. Some of them are round robins (variations of the same sound) and some are single sounds. Round robins are put in folders with the same name as the HIT-### sound they represent. Therefore I have a mix of files and folders named HIT-###:



Problem is that folders are sorted above files, which makes it a chore to always have to scroll up and check that I don’t have a folder with the same name as the next file I’m about to save. If I’m going to save the next file in the example above, I would assume it should be named HIT-044.wav, but that would be wrong since it’s a folder.

Directory Opus (best file manager on Earth) has this feature where you can have files and folders interspersed. I think it would be great if WaveLab had that option as well.


Idea could be can you use “Directory Opus” inside WaveLab now with the
tab File > Global > External Applications
and point to the app from there, try it or PG have other thought about this !?

regards S-EH

You mean, like on the Mac File browsers? Yes, that would be possible.

Thanks for the advice, but this doesn’t affect WaveLab’s Save UI, or? When I press Shift-S, I enter WaveLab’s saving UI, which is what I’m referring to.

tab File > Global > External Applications > External File Browser
and point to “Directory Opus”

Try it or I don’t understand External would mean External
so Save/Save as should bring up External File Browser

PG I’m I wrong here !? (not the first time)

regards S-EH

“External File Browser” is just to specify an external file browser to call, when one of the various WaveLab function “Reveal file in …” is called.
But it is not an interface to save a file, for example.

Ok I get it sorry :slight_smile:

regards S-EH