Request: more note grouping options for 5/4

I can generally work around the mystifying default behavior of 5/4:

…by writing [1+1+1+1+1]/4 or [3+2]/4.

But I’m encountering more and more situations in which there’s no answer besides Force Duration. Here’s one:

I want the full bars to display as 3+2, but the eighths to beam to the quarter.

I’m hopeful there can be more fine-grain options for asymmetrical meters in the future. I realize there’s a limit to these options, but at least more settings for 5 and 7-bars. Thanks.

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For the time being I think you should be able to use hidden [3+2]/4 time signatures in those bars, though I know that this gets very tedious very quickly.

Yes, it’s just pages and pages of this sort of thing:

Of course I can do it manually, but an asymmetrical meter section in Notation Options would make a huge difference.


Might it be easier if there were a beam-to-beat/beam-to-meter toggle?
(This would be useful in symmetrical meters too)