Request: Open to blank Project

Currently Cubasis opens to the last thing you were working on, which is probably an iOS convention. But I think there should be a change to open to an empty project for these reasons

  1. Projects with multiple AU’s like iSem take a long time to load. It’s frustrating to have to wait through all that when trying to create a brand new composition in a moment of inspiration

  2. The increased 3rd party integration increases the risk of a project not being able to load, and if this happens it might require deleting Cubasis and reinstalling, putting at risk all the other saved projects. (I’m experiencing this with GarageBand iOS right now. The last project is corrupted so GarageBand simply crashes on open)

I prefer an approach similar to AUM where it opens to an empty session…with a button to “reload last session”

Thoughts for Cubasis 2.0?


Thanks for your feature suggestion that we’ll add to our backlog.

For the time being here is a workflow suggestion plus additional tip:

  • Go to Media/Projects and choose the “Create New Project” template before shutting down Cubasis
  • At next launch, Cubasis will load with this template

Choose the “snapshot” option to create a version from a project in a specific state, that will not be overwritten.
Please have a look at the “MediaBay” chapter in the in-app hep to learn more.