Request: please color-code undo history

I love that there’s an undo history, but right now it’s tons of identical looking lines of text, making it hard to spot for example accidental deletes. It would be great if you could add some coloring of different types of actions, e.g. by placing colored icons in front of each line. That even seems to fit the Cubasis visual style.

For example, in the undo list

  • record actions could get a green open circle icon (like the ‘record’ button)
  • settings edits could get a blue dial icon (track volume changes, effects toggles etc.)
  • track trimming, splits and moves could get orange icons
  • erase actions could get a red icon (e.g. red eraser icon for section erase, red trash can icon for track deletes)

This way the most destructive edits stand out in red and orange, and ‘harmless’ edits look less alarming.