REQUEST: Please LFO to control Parameters and clip launch and others

Please, dear Steinberg Team, include LFOS to control parameters, like EQ curves, like Apulsoft Apqualizer or Synths Parameter like Ableton. Logic have, Ableton have, Fruityloops, Bitwig have. I don’t understand why Cubase not.

Include please clips launch like Ableton, this is a way to use Cubase to Live Acts, I don’t like Ableton.

Please include too the ability to fix the independent looptrack in Parts, when you are inside the part editor works, but when you return to song view is deactivated. This function would give us the ability to create polyrhythms with different combinations of lenght of the parts

Thanks for read this request.


This has been requested in several posts over the years. Might be better to concentrate on one to accumulate the votes (like this one LFO & other modulation sources to drive automation)

  • we have to continue to be a pain in the ass!

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