Request: purge memory button - automatic discard memory

Stressing the system, with 64giga of memory, Many stacks, vst, layer, just to stress, and duplicate many songs.

But maybe is not a good chance… expecially for lower system.

I think that a memory purge button is needed.
Maybe near panic button.

So if you add song on the fly, and you want to discard the songs you delete (because just played for example) , they remain in memory.

I know that history works for that, but is the load of memory of songs played that sum , while you load new.

Also change project have no discard memory if there is some history (add, cut song… etc).

A purge button, that purge all except current song , or better current and the next on the list, will be apprecieted.


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Speaking generally, I could see setting a maximum memory limit - but apart from that, an application can generally manage its memory automatically, and only purge when more space is needed. It’s generally faster and more efficient than performing the task manually, because the application can predict its future memory accurately - especially if it’s a linear system like a set list. Therefore, the system can retain in memory the maximum amount of data, at all times, maximising the responsiveness of the system should you diverge from the linear path.

speaking simple: in many vst instruments you can set the amount of memory charge.
In kontact player, for every instrument you load you can set how or if you want to pre-load ALL the samples, and there is a PURGE botton to discharge memory.

So … Why is too strange my request? Maybe automatic? yes please.

Make a project, erase the song on the list: memory is still here, no auto purge.

Change something. History empty, change project, memory still here,…

Add and discard songs, 'cause i am live performer with a dynamic show, i am adding songs in my project, and discard, and add…

WHY memory will be saturated for song USED and ERASED from my “service live show” project?

Not a show with pre-program a project with the songs., there are others kind of show.

Maybe others software is running with vstlive, as obs for a streaming and others for example.

Why, in order to purge the ram, I need to go out, close and vst live?


Hello Frank, I certainly agree the issue you have described is salient. It’s generally possible to have a better solution than having to manually purge your memory – though in the specific case of this application, it remains to be seen what the best angle is. Thank you for your suggestion.

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The host (VST Live, or any other) has no access to that function, it is maintained by the plugin.

Because it needs to be kept for undo.
a) we will add a purge function for undo
b) you are correct that VST Live “forgets” to purge undo memory when closing a project (like “new”), that is fixed with the next version
c) we will add a purge function as of your request, which is kind of the opposite to “Preload”.

You have no idea. But we try our best.

Thank you Musicullum for your attention.
I’'m sure that you will do the best, simple is the problem, not the solution, i see.

Waiting for the next update… bye.