Request - Reset Mixer Peak Meters on Stop

Any chance it might be possible to add an option to have the mixer peak values reset when I press stop (either once, or twice)?

This would be amazingly handy when setting channel gain values for mixes.

Thanks in advance!

Not exactly what you are requesting but maybe this info will help…

The mixer peak values can be set to “Hold Forever” or “Hold Peaks”. These options are found in the mixer functions menu (drop down arrow upper right of mixer.) If “Hold Forever” is chosen you can reset all the meters by clicking on one of them. If you choose the “Hold Peaks” option then the peaks are held for the time you specify in the CB general preferences (File>Preferences>Metering) menu.

Regards :sunglasses:

There is an unassigned key command to reset the meters. If you created a macro to stop playback and then reset the meters you could assign that macro to any key you liked. Of course this would not do the reset when using the mouse to stop playback via the GUI, but will if you use key commands to control the transport.

“Hold forever” is irritating :wink: If you correct some levels and want this option turned on, you must spent an extra mouse click.
For me it’s more effective to rename and change the behavior to “Hold until new start”.