Request: richer font support in lyrics

I think we need to expand font style support for lyrics. There are use cases like theater and liturgical music where some specific lyric styles are needed— often on a single-word/syllable basis— and I’d love to see the following options in the Lower Zone at least in Engrave:

  • Bold (very useful as a guide for accented syllables in unmetered text)
  • Italic (already there in some cases, I know)
  • Underline
  • Overline (another accent tool)
  • All Caps
  • Small Caps (this one’s huge in my business, as it is required to present the word “Lord” as such in most Old Testament passages, including psalm texts)
  • Strikethrough (an option for academic use, e.g., creating a comparative example of two editions)

These are all things that would indeed be terribly useful. This is why I have to take all my scores into affinity publisher st the moment.

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We had an interesting thread about exactly this, this week (look for open type). Providing your font has small caps embedded in the unicode, you don’t need anything more (Minion pro and Linux Libertine O are working solutions)