REQUEST: set plug-in category manualy

I would like to know if there is an option for setting plug-in’s category manualy? Using CUBASE 5.5.3 and have like 500 FX and 150 VSTi which DO NOT ADD TO ANY CATEGORY that is pretty annoying having scroll trhu all of them to get plug-in I want! :frowning:((

So I am suggesting this: could you - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - add option in PLUGIN INFORMATION WINDOW under column CATEGORY for setting plug-in category manualy? For example there could be some fixed predefined number of categories that one could choose if the plug-in doesn’t fit/is added automaticaly to any category?

P.S.: I am talking about VST2 cos I know VST3 CATEGORY PARAMETER cannot be changed…

If you go into your plugin folder and make some new folders, named as you wish and drop the .dll files in them the plugin list will reflect this.

C5 has reached the end of development so there is no chance of getting new features, although it is a valid request for C6 and on. Better plugin listings.

Well, it only apply in Cubase 5 VST directory but I am using separate VST folder in another particion so when I need to reinstall Windows or anything I have all my plugins ready, just to add the path to that folder in the C5 menu…and I used to have it like you say and yes it was partial success: it appears in “categorized folders” but not right in the plugin root menu but under another item and in that item there were my named (categorized) folders - hope you understand what I mean anyway (sorry, I am not native english speaking person) :slight_smile:

Anyway: thanx for your answer and could you then move this question into C6 forum as request for new stuff, please?