Request: Snap Selector Icons to function.

Ever since the “new” snap modes were introduced in SX, I have used them a lot, they are great.

What is not great IMO is the way they are selected; the changes made in 5.5 are in my opinion not well thought out; you have a visual representation which looks like buttons (unlike the previous drop-down menu with graphics), but don’t function like them. Changing snap modes would be much better IMO if you could select each type of snap individually directly from the icons (which would function as display) rather than the drop-down menu. The drop-down menu would remain for quick multi-mode selection and to preserve current behaviour.

I also think the icons should ‘light up’ instead of being black or grey ‘text’ depending on whether they are selected, it seems more consistent and also visually easier to understand.

I have roughed this out on photoshop (and changed the order of the icons so that shuffle is last as it’s a different mode to the others and cannot be combined).
You can still have the menu with this, still accessible by the end button (which now functions as you’d expect).

What do you think?

Here’s the menu.

Agree completely !! +1.