[REQUEST] Snapshot Automation

I’d love to see the option to create snapshot automation (it has been available in PT for a long time). In other words: To apply (plugin) automation settings to a range. You make your settings for the mixer or plugin (for example while looping a small range), make a range selection, and apply these settings for this range.

Any change in having this option in a future update???

Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t this sort of available already?

You can have your punch fill loop in the automation panel.

Yes, I am aware of this option (although I haven’t really tried it yet). But then this automation is applied only to this loop range. But what do I do if I want to apply these settings to a range that is longer than the loop? I would use this like this: Say, you want to filter some background noise in a dialog track. I select a small range where there is no dialog, just bg noise. I loop this range and tweak my EQ untill I am happy with the filtering. Then I want to apply this EQ setting to the entire dialog scene.

Of course I can manually copy the automation data of the loop range to the entire scene, but it would be great if I could do this by just creating a range and press a single button to apply. (“create snapshot automation to range” - or something like that)

You can “save” a punch, and apply it later in any form you want.
Loop, to end, to start, etc …


If you have your automation set to “preview” you won’t “undo” what you’ve set until you either press “preview” again, or punch your automation and then relocate. So, in other words, you can loop that range, adjust your settings while in preview, press stop if you want and trim the loop-range, and then select “punch” (to fill “loop”). Your example would only be a problem if, for example, you already had automation written at location X, you grab a range at location Y, set your EQ, and then locate to X again while automation is set to read (and no “preview”). Then, as far as I remember, your EQ would read previous automation. But as long as “read” is off or you’re in preview mode you should be able to jump around.

And if you wanted to make sure you won’t lose your EQ settings you can simply copy settings in the window before you punch in. So should anything happen you can then just select the range, place EQ in preview, open the plugin, paste the settings, press punch (to fill “loop”).

That’s also useful if you’ve created settings at one spot and don’t have a “saved” punch. Just locate to where that automation is and copy the plugin settings - relocate - preview - paste - punch.

Thanks for this info. I will give it a try!

The needs to be added, even doing it the ways suggested it’s way to slow and clunky, 1 key comand and automation is done per region a must for film mixes

Perhaps it is possible to create a Macro for this? I too think it is kind a clunky, since it takes a few button presses, but it does the trick.

If you’re using preview it would be easy to create a macro that;

  • sets range to selected events instead of your narrower loop range
  • then punches preview

So, one key to accomplish it essentially.