Request: some visual help on playing techniques


Today I’ve lost some time trying to understand why one of my four trumpets (in an orchestral score) was sounding different from the others. At the end many bars before I’ve used a bucket mute on this trumpet and I’ve forgot to set it open after the phrase.

Is it possible to have some visual aid (some coloured background, or an horizontal coloured line, not to be printed in any case) to help remembering an instrument is in a non-standard state?

Best regards,

If you switch to Play mode and expand the relevant instrument tracks, you can show a playing techniques lane which shows which playing techniques are in effect, even if that’s just “natural”. You might be able to use this to check in on the status of anything not sounding as you’d expect?

Yes and no.

Clearly this is useful but it has a problem (a bug maybe?): if your play technique last for a long time (e.g. natural) the technique name soon disappear on the left during a scroll and you’ll not remember it (see the first and second attached pictures).

I would be nice (at least for me) to have something similar on the Galley View.

It’s certainly not a bug that the playing technique name scrolls out of view when the start of the region scrolls out of view, any more than it’s not a bug that anything else scrolls out of view. However, I agree it would be nice if it were possible to see the label in the ongoing region. We’ll think about adding this in a future version.

Thank you Daniel.

I didn’t want to say it was a bug. I wasn’t sure if it was the expected behaviour or not (and in this case should have it been considered a bug).