Request: "Sticky" search settings for Sidebar mediabay search

Following up on this post where it was discussed 3 years ago and where I stumbled over by random last week:

Basically the problem right now is that if you search for something and then hit the “X” to end your search, all the criteria are being reset - including the setting for media types.

Our feature request is some kind of “sticky” setting that stays even if you click the “X” symbol so that you can keep a search mode for the whole session (which also means it should be saved inside your project).


You’re creating a foley track for a commercial and are searching only WAV/AIF sound effect files to put in the timeline, searching for them should go fast and easy. Instead of having to check the media type with every search or using backspace to clear the searchfield - which takes extra time - we would like the search to be more adaptive to our scenario.


That is the reason the “X” is there, to reset the search criteria.
Maybe try the Media Bay window instead. It’s more customizable.

Using the Mediabay is not as handy and quick as the side panel, which is always in view of your project. Mediabay is an extra window which has to be opened separately and - if open - overlaps the project view in most scenario’s.

The “X” button is a common UI element which you find in many applications that communicate “delete your search word” - as opposed to “end this search and reset all instances of filters and settings”. So it happens quite a lot that I just click the X without thinking much. This results in a lot of time loss where I have to re-select all my filters over and over again.

I just double-click to select the whole text and then type the search without the need of using backspace.

Although, i’d like to see such a feature. What i would especially like is to be able to save a search (including search terms, filters…) so if i need to fetch the same kind of sound over and over again (which happens many times) i don’t have to retype every terms again.

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saving a search is actually a neat idea.

If I may add something to this request:

The creation of “collections”

A collection is a pre-defined/pre-saved set of marked folders that you can search via the media bay.

The scenario for this are projects that have specific sample libraries. For example, sometimes the producer asks for a specific set of sounds to be used.

  • i.e. a TV show , game or movie with a specific vibe transported through sound design

  • a series of videos/film scenes that uses a specific set of instruments predefined by a preceding composer/producer

  • animation studios that have “their” own set of libraries they use in their productions, like “Cartoon Trax”, " Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library", “BBC SFX Libraries”

It happens that some of these soundsets or libraries are sometimes not licensed directly by the audio professional or musician but by the studios themselves. To avoid accidentally using them on other projects or simply to keep an overview and more focus on the sound of a production - a “collection” that can be switched depending on what you are working on, filtering your search in a specific manner would be more than welcome.

given the relatively “small” nature of this initial request and the danger of clutter this may produce - maybe it could be a nice idea to combine it as it would make sense also saving such a collection together with predefined filter settings. and then I would be more than happy just burying this setting somewhere in the mediabay rather than the sidebar as the simply UI of it is great as it currently is.