Request - tascam/fw-1884 interface / fe-8 extender midi remote (legacy) template

Tascam FW-1884 audio interface/surface controller and FE-8 extender have 99% fuctionality configured in Cubase 12 Pro/Win-10 Pro-22H2 using generic Midi Remote Mackie Control Template
A device specific FW-1884 / FE-8 template would allow the interface to be used in “Native Mode”
enabling 100% functionality of the entire Tascam FW-XXXX product line.
The FW Series products were full featured and reasonably priced… Coupled with the fact the v1.80 x64 driver is fully Win7/8/10/11/MacOS compatible the devices still enjoy a large user base.

Thank You Steinberg Team for the continued innovation and support of leading edge products

MIDI Remote Templates are provided by the hardware manufacturer and not Steinberg. Since the last FW-1884 driver update was about 13(?) years ago I don’t hold much hope that Tascam will provide this. Like you I find that the FW-1884 is still a valuable interface and I have had 2 since about 2008. I have been toying with the idea of creating a Template. Is anyone else even remotely :wink: interested. I find that the Mackie mode works for about everything I do and in some cases better for me than the native mode but I don’t have any FE-8s so I don’t know about that. Is there something in particular you find missing in Mackie mode ?

thank you for your response i was unaware of who made the templates😉
i agree that support for a discontinued product has about a snowballs chance in h3ll lol
i would be interested in assisting with making one for the fw1884 i also have two fe8’s
i enjoy using it, ive found it to be as useful as the old FCB1010 midi swiss army knife. soooo much better than a mouse lol
feel free to contact me directly thru email i have all the service documents etc for the FW and Mackie protocols