Request: Text Frame Fragments

It would be nice if we could create multiple text+graphic frame “fragments” that can be all placed in one page and work in a more modular way.

For instance, often find myself writing technical instructions about the piece where there might be a passage of text with images about vocal techniques, another passage of text and images about String techniques, and so on.

The score, contains all the instrumental techniques, but the vocalists don’t need to know about the string techniques.

What I am requesting is to be able to make the “Vocal Techniques” snippet, make the “String Techniques” Snippet. and then, go to the score, Add both snippets into the instruction page of the score

Then go to the vocal part, and only drag the vocal snippet, and same for the string.

Right now, because the logic in dorico works in entire pages, it often makes things quite complicated.

I’m not certain I follow what you mean, but if this is essentially a request to to copy+paste text/graphic frames in Engrave mode, it’s a definite +1 from me.

I thought something like “sub-frames” or “frame-fragments” Chunks that can be added to Master pages in a modular way. But What you’re suggesting is perhaps more feasible :slight_smile: