request: the default position of tremolo for semibreve (whole note)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I think the default position of tremolo for semibreve (whole note) is not centred.
It should slightly be moved to left.
How do you think about it?

Best regards,

I don’t think so. The tremolo strokes are currently (and correctly) visually centred on the width of the notehead.

I agree with prko, they don’t look visually centred to me.

The attachment was made by shifting the bar lines in Engrave mode, and they don’t line up perfectly with the sides of the note head, but the tremolo is off center to my eyes, both geometrically and optically.

I am attaching a screenshot of the default position of Dorico:
Screenshot 2018-12-04 00.35.25.png
It is not centred.

Perhaps the elliptical and differentiated width of the stroke of the whole note/semibreve create an optical illusion in which a perfectly centered tremolo appears off-center.

Not an illusion - you can measure it.

OK, I see. I believe it’s taking the width of the stem, were there to be one, into account. I’ll make a note of this to sort it out in future.

Merci beaucoup!