[request]: typography - small caps option

It would be great to have ‘small caps’ as typographical option for text!


Yes, I agree. Hopefully in the future we will be able to support the proper small caps feature in compatible OpenType fonts.

I’d like this as well for both text and lyrics. Occasionally I have hymns which use the word LORD in small caps in the lyrics (capital L, small caps ORD). I don’t think this is possible with Dorico today.

As a publisher of liturgical music I need this capability for settings using certain translations of the psalms. For example, musical settings of the Revised Grail translation, administered by GIA Inc., requires LORD (capital L, small caps ORD) in order to be approved for publication. Is there any kind of workaround available today in Dorico?

If you’re talking about OpenType small caps, definitely! Also would love to see support for OpenType figure controls (lining vs old-style). Right now I use a hacked up OpenType font where I force the default to lining figures (vs the original font’s default of old-style) to work around it.