[Request] Undo in symbols editor


I am a newbie at Dorico and as soon as I could I started messing around with the symbols editor, as I’m quite excited about it. I started to make my new tonality system and started creating my own accidentals for it. It’s very powerful. Congrats for that!
The editor is impressively powerful! However, as powerful as it is, I would expect an undo/redo system, because often I encounter myself moving things out of place unintentionally or do a lot of trial and error. Is it planned for the future?

You should be able to click the little “revert to factory” button (the little circular arrow in the action bar) to revert the changes to just one symbol with no problem. You can also do Ctrl+Z immediately after confirming the dialog to undo the changes made in that dialog session too.

Thank you for your response. Actually I encountered this necessity while creating accidental for tonality systems. Since I think the editor is powerful enough (kudos to the team for that!), I think it deserves its own undo/redo system, specially if eventually it becomes more complex.