Request: vertical baselines for lyrics

Hey Dan has this been solved now in the newer updates?
I asked elsewhere if this was a possibility:

Can you assign which [voice] parts to attach lyrics to, and they will conform to that part only?

Attaching text to the stems/parts-- wouldn’t an automatic/default setting to align text to the notes on the metric beats [in your ex. the Alto] instead of any other part [here the melody] that diverges rhythmically-- get the even spacing? At least the syllables would be separated evenly through a measure, with the other notes left between beats, as in your adjusted example? Maybe it would push the dimensions and margins too much IDK.

Stated another way, wouldn’t the program act as if: all the notes were aligned as quarters with a syllable, if you assigned the lyric attachment to a selected steady-beat voice?
And it would only +/- space between the beats, depending on length of syllables?