Requesting new tools for (Key Editor specifically) Cubase

Hello group members,

I understand there has been a bit of what seems to be friction between older and younger users, however in the spirit of progress I believe there is much that can be done to keep both old & new users happy.

It is likely that I fit somewhere in the middle so therefore it may be that I understand user concerns (all are welcome to correct me or change things as necessary) but I have listed in order of importance what I see as being critical to the application development process:

  1. Stability
  2. Usability
  3. Innovation

It seems many take for granted the first two (in particular the first criterion) and thereby want more and more of the latter criteria. Maybe I fall into the final category but that is only due to Steinberg’s constant efforts in maintaining compatibility with OS’s and other softwares, not to mention usability improvements over time.

If I may request I would like the select tool in the Key Edit (lane) to be able to expand a series of fade out commands so as to not have to draw the line again.

As for the first criterion, Steinberg always comes up trumps in my view, which is why I am hoping to upgrade regardless of what flavor I choose to purchase be it Elements, Artist or the big C6.

Cheers everyone

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Thanks for the bump!


made think of hearing his/her posts read with an indian accent,

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I demand that steinberg put back in my bank account all the money that ive invested in all these years and also supply me with free for life update and upgrades … ?

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