Requesting toolbar presets to follow workspaces

Hello Steinberg team

I have this nagging issue about toolbar customisation. The toolbar preset does not follow with workspace presets. Let me explain a little the reason why this is important…

I have different workspaces for different screens, i.e. compact and full. One workspace uses my large screen for editing and I have a full toolbar preset for that window. The other workspace uses the small screen for editing and the large window for video. I need a compact toolbar for this. The only way is to manually select the toolbar preset after i’ve changed the workspace and that is very annoying and tedious.

Shouldn’t the toolbar count towards a “workspace” preset. It makes sense in my mind that this should be the case. But nevertheless, I do understand that both the toolbar presets and workspace layouts are stored in different XML files so I’m thinking this has something to do with it.

Please consider this. Thank you