Requests: Custom Technique Groups

VSL (and presumably other VST instruments) can have quite a number of patches (i.e., articulations).

When setting up Expression Maps each one requires a custom Playing Technique and a custom Playback Playing Technique. Playing Techniques are grouped into various Categories, and Playing Techniques are grouped into various Groups (forgive the redundancy).

I have already figured out that adding a “1” and a “space” before the name of either type of technique allows me to keep my custom VSL techniques sorted at the top of a list. (The same is true for my Expression Maps, by the way.)

But because there are so many of them (and I haven’t even begun to add any planned VSL Custom Articulation patches), it would be helpful if I were able to create my own groups of techniques to gather, isolate and organize my VSL techniques.

Any chance that this is possible in the future, or does it present difficult programming challenges?


It occurs to me that an interim step to this request would be to add a list category of “All” techniques. That way the user can name his/her techniques in such a way that they always sort at the top of the list. Right now I can only see my techniques within a single category at a time.

Thanks for the feedback. Adding custom categories to the Engrave > Playing Techniques dialog is not trivial, because the categories correspond to the sections in the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode. Adding an ‘All’ option is also not as simple as it might first appear, but it’s a bit less problematic. I’ll make a note of this request.

Thanks, Daniel. I figured the Write Mode panel was a problem, but one can hope!

Adding my voice to request Custom Categories for playing techniques. I’m doing the same thing as DaddyO except with Spitfire Libraries. Having a list of articulations in the techniques tab in the Write window would be spectacular!

I would also have one (or more) group(s) of custom techniques. I’m adding the techniques needed to select special/extended techniques in some libraries, and the Custom group is now extending down for more than a couple pages. And I’m still adding items.

Custom techniques would help very much, in sorting all the mess I’m building (and I’m sure I’m not the only one filling that space with ease).


Well, ask me why I would like custom technique groups so much!