Required minimum screen resolution

I have Cubase 10.5 and when I travel I like to take a laptop and work on some songs, but all my laptops have a Max res of 1366x768, sure in prefect world we would all love buy new laptops ever week but money is tight. Anyway they more than enough power to run Cubase, the problem comes when I try to export audio, a portrait window come up, export audio button off screen and the window is un-scaleable, no scroll bar and even lots of wasted space. And from what I have seen even worst in Cubase 11 with the export cue. I see no reason why this has to portrait and not landscape, or scroll bar added. Please see what you can do. Thanks

Well you are below the minimum required display


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I know what that says, but other than than export audio window, I have never found another window that goes off the screen, It should be a easy fix and then a lot more laptops would be able to be used. Most of the other DAWs don’t require 1440 x 900,
pro tools, abelton live, studio one… Any laptop is not ideal but some stuff could be done. Also in cubase most things have multi-able ways of doing things but haven’t found another way to export audio. There is a macro but it just brings up the same window.

I had this problem with my older laptop too.

If you hide the task bar, can you reach the export button?

It used to be the case that the export button was pre-selected when opening that window. So pressing enter right afterwards just started the export.

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Ok thanks I’ll try that. I have also rotated the screen, and attached external screen set to use only the external screen works also. I guess I can go to version 9 too. All a lot of work to access a window with lots of wasted vertical space. Most programs make windows scale-able and then a scroll bar appears to access hidden items. UI basic 101.
New PC laptop with i7 and 16 gig of ram and 512 gig ssd, 15" screen. easy $1200 plus tax
New Mac, who knows no 16" M1 yet, but intel is $3000 plus tax. obsolete in 5 years.
We fill the land fills for what reason? Thanks for your help.

Hi, I updated to Cubase 11, and now I can’t export.
My laptop’s screen is 1366x768 and the export window doesn’t fit in it, I have to copy the proyect to my PC or conect a monitor to export my proyects when I work on my laptop.
In Cubase 10 I can see the corners and change the size of the window, but here it’s too big, so I can’t.
Any solution?

I used to have a laptop with a 1366 x 768 resolution and remember I could export although it didn’t fit on the window. I think I remember the export window being big enough to set export settings and I think I just pressed enter and it exported. Have you tried this?