Requires me to run in compatibility mode in Windows 8

Just curious if anyone else has run into this.
Clean Windows 8 Pro install, Cubase is sluggish, dialog buttons don’t respond, timeline doesn’t animate while playing. A big mess! Then I switched on compat. Win 7 mode and Run as Admin and it’s good again. I don’t see this mentioned anywhere so am curious if anyone else is having this issue. hmm

Win 8 64 pro and cubase 7.4 64 bit.

No problems at all


Did you even look in the “Announcements” section? Steinberg Forums

Uh yes I did. Was there something special I was supposed to see in that link?

Update: the compatibility mode idea was an illusion. Something is majorly messed up. Will try another install…

Weird, after hours and hours of trying things, reinstalling my nvidia display driver has fixed most of Cubase’s problems. I’m getting insane real-time usage spikes in the meter though, even without anything going on. Hmmm

Or it’s the Eucon adapter OR the Saffire 56. Problem came right back. Here I come tech support.

Just in case anybody has a similar issue, it WAS the Euphonix, but well maybe not really. I ended up replacing my motherboard (which led to replacing just about everything inside the computer) and now it runs like a dream. So it was some kind of combo of hardware and new software. Who knows!