Resale Problem

Hi everyone,

I could do with some help on this, since Steinberg are not responding to my support ticket.

I have owned a copy of Cubase 8.5 Artist (boxed version). I went through the Resale Wizard and was told to go to the MySteinberg page and delete the registration for the eLicenser.

Then it says that I can just sell the software on and the new owner can just re-register as if it is a new software.

The new owner had com back to me saying that the license is already in use.

I’m not really sure what I can do at this stage, since my account definitely shows no registered licenses.

Double check that you followed the wizard, and that the new owner understands how it works.

Did you give the buyer the USB key? They should be able to plug it in and use Cubase regardless of the my steinberg registration status.

Note- It’s the USB key that is registered, not the license.

Yes, I gave them the full box including cds, usb key and the serial and activation codes.

The activation codes are irrelevant and can’t be used again. It’s primarily a question of whether they can plug in the USB key and use Cubase. Can they?

Oh right. So they don’t need to actually register and activate it again? Just plugging in the key is enough?

I think they are just going through the install steps as if it is new.


You might read the stuff on the SB website so you understand how it works. Search for zero down time to understand why one should register the USB key.

So is this part of the resale wizard not correct?

“As soon as the deletion has been completed the program can be sold as unregistered software. The re-registration can be made by the new owner and does not differ from the registration of newly purchased Steinberg”

No that is correct…it’s concerning only registration not activation.

I guess the buyer has understood they need to activate the software and this is not working as it’s not required.

Ask them to plug in the dongle and then open elicenser, select registration/register all elicensers at MySteinberg.

If this doesn’t work then there is a problem, but I suspect it will be fine.

Ah I think I see now. Thanks. I’ll suggest this to them and see what they say.