Resample Mix Bus

Is there an easy way to quickly record or render the whole track for a specific section? I don’t want to export the song each time

Use the Markers.

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With Cubase 13, there’s an awesome new feature: the ability to use any track/group as an input. I keep a “print in real time” with no output track for this purpose in the upper section of the project window, ready to go. I simply enable recording when needed, click play, and drag the new recording onto another track after Im done recording.
C13 makes it really easy. :pray:

I used to do that in previous versions of Cubase with the same setup described above, but by temporarily assigning the master bus to "no output”.

Cubase 13 seems very similar to Ableton on this regard, if that is what you were looking for. :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering! Yes I know you can do that :slight_smile: but the problem is that Stereo out doesn’t show up as an input. Do you mean that I have to create my own group channel that is technically the “Mix Bus” and do it that way? Or can I get the stereo out to show up in some way?

Think about it a short moment, if you use it out of the box, you will get a feedback loop. Just don’t route it to the stereo out.

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If that’s helpful, here’s a preview of the function (around 27:32): Cubase 13 is here

I use a group I call “Mix Buss”, which is routed to the master buss output.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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The stereo buss WILL show up as an input but that receiving track cannot have any output buss or sends connected. Took me too long to figure this out.

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Ok nice! I’ll try

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Thank you! That was the issue! Had it routed to the output bus!
Thanks everyone!

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