Resample on output a-la Wavelab

Wavelab has a great way of working with say 96kHz files, but connected to a 48kHz device. We use this for sound FX, which are recorded in 96, but the master device and mixing is all done at 48. In Wavelab there’s a special Resampling tab for just this purpose with it’s own plugin. It’s good to work in 96 for SFX as those sounds get processed so much oftentimes the extra extension is a safety margin to avoid artifacts.

Anyhow, maybe a simple question but is it possible to do something similar in Nuendo? That is work in a higher sampling rate (clips, recording, etc) but just downsample on the entire output for the audio device?

Will File → Export → Sample Rate work for you?

Thanks - no because I’m not talking about the final output, but I want the entire project to be 96, but on playback to always dynamically downsample to 48. Then later yes it will be downsampled (but to 44) and go to all the various output formats. But that will all be done in Wavelab anyhow for final mastering.

You see the issue is that the interface - a Focusrite RED4PRE, needs to be 48 so the Dante network can synchronize and all the other external devices. Wavelab is fine with this for probably just the reason - the entire project can be whatever sample rate you want, and dynamically on the fly it just downsamples when it goes to the interface.

DAW’s seem to insist that they be locked to the interface sample rate no matter what. I’m trying to avoid having an interface JUST for the DAW.

This is good stuff @DanMcL , I’m about to start working in Wavelab and will be interested to see how this works out for you in Nuendo as well.

Probably because they expect to both record and playback audio. Wavelab? Not so much.

No WL is as much a DAW as any else, and is fully recording and playback aware. For working with pure audio data WL is so much easier than Nuendo/Cubase/etc. This being one example, it’s seamless to record in one format and resample on the fly in another. for sfx Nuendo is no match.

What it doesn’t have is a full mixer, ATMOS (though it supports every surround format under the sun), sophisticated MIDI and the like. But your right in that without the mixer recording isn’t as sophisticated as Nuendo.

I think the reason WL supports this is because mastering/sound engineers have to deal with multi clock format files all the time. In theory it seems Nuendo could do this too. I’ve been experimenting with dragging in 96kHz files into a 48 project without the automatic downsampling. It seems that it does downsample this on the fly for you but I haven’t gotten very far yet.

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