Resampling Question in master section

The resampling tab in the master section says it’s for playback purposes only. When I click on the button my interface changes to 44.1 kHz… O.K. great… So, what plug-in is doing the resampling when I render my 48Khz montage . Does this plug in do anything in the rendering process?

Yes. But no check this button for rendering:


Thanks PG1 … It does change my interface and allows me to listen at 44.1 However that manual states it’s for playback only. So, does this plug in render the tunes at 44.1 ?

Yes, if you render an audio file or montage with Resampling enabled in the Master Section, the result will be resampled to the set value.

There is one notable caveat here. Even if you have the Resampler enabled in the Master Section, you need to make sure that in the “Render Format” section you have the sample rate set to “Match Incoming Stream” or the actual desired sample rate. See attached.

For example, even if you’re Resampling a 96k montage down to 44.1k, if you don’t have it set to “Match Incoming Stream” or 44.1k, it’s possible to have this setting set to some other sample rate such as 48k and the result will be 48k.

It’s also important that the setting bypass the Master Section on rendering is not disabled. See attached.

Of course, the best course of action is to always check the files after rendering to make sure the result is what you want.

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Thank you for the info… This would be in the “render” tab? correct … Wave Lab is really a deep program.
I figured you need to do one more step…

Yes. The “Format” area of the Render Tab.

WaveLab is a pretty deep app but thanks to things like Render Presets, once you figure out what you need to do and how you like to work, much of it can be streamlined with presets so you can work quickly and without accidental errors.