Rescan Folder missing in MediaBay? (Cubase 9.5)

Am I crazy or has the option in MediaBay to rescan a folder (full or partial) gone in Cubase 9.5?

I used to be able to right-click a folder in the browser tree and see the options to rescan the data on disk and refresh the MediaBay database.

The closest thing I can find now is “Refresh Views” and it’s not available on every folder, only top-level folders such as “User Content.”

There is still a “Rescan Disk” key command accessible in the Key Commands window, but it still doesn’t appear to properly rescan like Cubase used to.

This is pretty irritating. I do track preset maintenance regularly (delete, rename presets etc.) and the MediaBay is a mess with old preset files that don’t exist any more. I used to just be able to select Rescan and it would bring the MediaBay up to date.

Restarting Cubase seems to help clear it up, possibly in conjunction with having triggered a Refresh Views or Rescan Disk prior to restarting it. But I’m not thrilled with the lack of consistency.

I am wondering the same thing. There has to be a way to refresh the database.

Likewise, I can’t get MediaBay to show the contents of subfolders of the folder I have selected which is making it pretty unusable for me at the moment.

Same here. Refresh views didn’t seem to help either. I have to untick and tick back again the folder and then I get the scanning procedure (red folder icon) for it to show files.

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This helped me. Thank you