Rescan hardware missing?

While I am new to Cubase [Elements 9.5], I have connected my audio interface [Zoom L12 mixer] to my computer and been recording no problem. Now when i connect, Cubase does not see the L12 driver and I m searching for the ‘rescan hardware’ from the menu. Any help is apprecaited!

Hi and welcome,

In the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System, you can see the list of the drivers provided by the operating system. macOS provides currently connected devices. Windows provides all installed drivers (doesn’t matter if the device is connected or not).

If you are on Mac, make sure the device is connected and the system can see it.

If you are on Windows, make sure, the driver is installed.

Thank you very much! Further somewhat-related question:

I have the driver working great, though now 2 strange things happen:

1] when connected using this interface driver, all things Cubase work great, though youtube refuses to load any video [not just audio, but load any video], just a constant wheel trying to load. If I close Cubase, it runs again, consistently tested. Thoughts?
2] Once I unhook my interface, Cubase audio works automatically with the resident windows driver, but youtube audio does not work unless I fully reboot. Any suggestions?

I wish there was some little program/process to force/push one diver over the other or something?
Appreciate your input!


  1. There is also a video engine in Cubase, so maybe this could be linked. Could you try to search the forum?

  2. The driver is probably blocked.

In general, I would recommend to make a new thread(s) for these issues.

Open Manage Audio Devices, select the Zoom and hit properties.
In the advanced tab untick the exclusivity option and see if it helps.