Rescue Note Expression / Automation

enhance NoteExpression/Cubase, that wee need no workaround anymore?

  • Yes Please!!!
  • please explain more
  • i don’t use the Midi Editor.
  • I’d like Macro-QuickControl-AutomationTracks wich (with insert/sends) which available as NE Target.

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Steinberg plans to remove THE NoteExpression abilitys out of the Midi-Transformer (wich currently doesn’t realy work)

So it should be possible to Control with Note Expreesion ANYTHING via Quickcontrols for example…

I think this is THE Feature of Cubase6 so you could control any effect/instrument/midi-out in the whole .cpr directly in you’re Midi Editor,
and this (multiple) Data are liked to a note, so when you move the Note, the NE Data does it to…

Edit: it’s possible by doing some workaround:

First it’s good to have more Quick Controls for this workaround:
create “16 (midi)tracks(we just need the QCs)” put them into a folder and save as template.
then create a “Generic Remote” which is connected to all Quickcontrols of the “16 (midi)tracks(we just need the QCs)”

Then install a virtual LoopBack Midi Driver which can be used to reach another program but we use it now to:
access the “Generic Remote” from a MidiChannel and thair MidiSends
and to “chain” MidiChannels, also we can reach any other Program which can access Midi-Ports on you’re Computer…
set the “Generic Remote” imput at youre created virtual MidiPort.

this once done never do it again!

Than insert a Midi-Track:
learn on one of you’re “16 (midi)tracks(we just need the QCs)” QC to the parameter you want to control,
remember the CC Number of the QC slot (like you set it up in the “Generic Remote”) maybe track name (+<8)…
set a Midi-Send Output to you’re virtual Midi Port which controls the GR>QC of “16 (midi)tracks(we just need the QCs)”>anything (with learn:)
and write the NE with the CC of the QC (maybe track name [+<8]).

While I agree that it would be great for the Transformer Insert FX to operate on Note Expression, if you read carefully what Werner said, it is not going to be removed… in the sense that it never worked in the first place!.. All that will be removed is the (non-functional) references to Note Expression in the Transformer Editor.

but how should i convert NE to CC without the Transformer?



(and vst3.5 NE parameter)

Thank you!!!

Set Midi Send to MidiLoopBack
new MidiTrack: in= MidiLoopBack; insert Midi Monitor, and see the NE Data become normal CC…
now we could insert here a Transformer or choose the right cc in the NE Target,
set a Midi-Send to one of our MidiLoopBackPorts which is connected to the GR and there the CCs are connectetd to some “dummy QuickControls (saved as template)” in our .cpr’s.

sorry that i didn’t mind it. So it’s possible…