Rescue old projects

I’m trying to rescue some old projects & their effects saves.
The FX were saved from a very old Cubase, maybe 2006. I have managed to get the projects themselves via PC Cubase 3.x to Mac Cubase Pro 8 [which is the latest I own].

I now need to try get some .fxp saves from Guitar Rig 2 to anything later - 3, 4 or 5. I still have the plugins but 2 will not run in Cubase 8 and GR 3, 4 & 5 don’t seem interested in opening the old fxps. I have the patience to export/import these one at a time across every intermediate version… if I have to :wink:

So I need to find which version of Cubase will open Guitar Rig 2… and if that can run on macOS Mojave. I’m also willing to set up a Parallels VM with an older macOS if needs be. I don’t need any of this to be fast enough to play, just to get files in & out.

I also need to know if my Cubase license will let me do this. I can see licenses for 3.x 6 & 8, but nothing else.